Tortilla recipe

Tortilla recipe



I followed this recipe exactly and I thought it was great. Love the fact that you used olive oil.

I used 2 1/2 c flour 1/2 corn meal. 3 TBSp becel. The were very good and very easy

I would pass on the olive oil and go with lard or butter. Watch the roadside Coahuila women making them they don’t use olive oil. Oil makes the way too watery and the taste is not authentic. And cook them as with all breads on a Baking Steel. I travel and never leave home without my steel.

Tried this recipe for the first time yesterday and it worked well although I don’t think I rolled the dough thin enough. I cooked and made the tortillas, and then brushed half of them with a mixture of olive garlic and oil salt and cut them into triangles for tortilla chips, which proved to be delicious. The tortillas were an excellent accompaniment to homemade Chilli con Carne. Will definitely be using this recipe again.

I know and love home made tortillas very well. I gave this 3 stars because you can’t get the real deal with olive oil. I swapped it out for melted lard and then they definitely are rated 5 stars. Oh and triple the batch, they go quick.

Too sticky. Use Chef John’s white tortilla’s video for great tortillas.

This recipe is a good staple recipe! My first time and they came out perfectly. Follow the note that says add more water or flour as needed, but for the most part the recipe is exact. Thank you!

Wow! These were our favorites, though i have eaten and made authentic flour tortillas! They are amazing, though thick or thin depends on how thin you roll it out! !

I was a bit nervous at first about how this recipe would turn out as some of the comments mentioned it being too runny. So, I only put in 2 T oil and added the water slowly at first. Came out beautifully! This was my first try at making tortilla wraps and I was so relieved when they came out perfectly. Cooking them was also a breeze.

I created an account just to post that the ratios on this recipe are wsy wrong. Before and these were way too watery, I’ve made homemade tortillas. Don’t use!

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