Taco salad

Taco salad

When it comes to dinner salads, none are more hearty than a good taco salad. Tons of veggies, cheese, and meat make for an extra filling taco Tuesday meal that won’t weigh you down. We love this classic version, but if you want to get fancy check out some easy substitutions/additions below.

The Base

Since this salad has some rather hefty toppers, we prefer a sturdy, crunchy green for our base. Romaine or iceberg lettuce are the obvious choices, but other hearty greens like endive or butterhead would work just as well.

The Meat

Ground beef is the classic, but if you’re looking for something lighter, ground chicken or turkey would be just as good. Alternatively, if you’ve got some rotisserie chicken on hand (or perhaps some leftover roasted chicken) you could shred it and toss it with some taco seasoning instead.

The Veggies

Again, we stuck with the most classic veggie choices. That doesn’t mean you can’t improvise/clean out your crisper drawer! Bell peppers, pickled jalapeos, fresh or frozen corn, or chopped red onion would all be great additions.

The Crunch-Factor

We happen to think the best part of this salad is the crunchy fried corn tortillas on top. You can totally use those instead if you prefer flour tortillas! If you want to go a healthier note, toasted pumpkin seeds would be a delicious substitute. If it doesn’t have chips, (Though, can you call it a taco salad? ) Or, if you’re lazy (we don’t judge) you can use Fritos!