Taco casserole

Taco casserole



As Tony the Tiger would say. Itand#039s GREAT

I found this recipe in a 2017 Woman’s World magazine a couple of years ago. I double the recipe and bake it in a 9×13 pan. It’s always a hit and asked for the recipe.

This sounds like something good when the grands come over for a day. I wish TOH would post more recipes using beef and not so many using chicken. If someone did the research on how chickens were raised, it would put beef back in the spotlight once again, much as it was in the 50’s when meat was raised humanely and all beef was grass-fed (it was not considered a “novelty” food back then and did not cost $7/lb. That’s just crazy. Besides all of which almost all beef on the market nowadays is angus, when in reality hereford has the best beef and always did. We purchase meat from a local meat market where we know what we’re getting because we know the owners. I rarely eat chicken unless I can get them at the local food co-op where only the best stuff is sold.

(Add on to my previous review) I also added a can of corn and a can of black beans, chili powder, Lawry’s salt and crushed red pepper to the meat when I cooked it. It came out just spicy enough and was great tasting. Served it with the chips on the side and my husband said it was something I need to make again! Thanks for the simple yet super tasty recipe! ? ?

I made this yesterday and it was delicious. A very versatile recipe. Fritos would probably be a great substitute, even though i had pinto beans used and made this in the place of refried beans, then I made my own corn tortillas and used them. Sometime I will had Rotel to the meat mixture as well. Thanks for a down home great comfort food.

I havent yet but will be making this soon. I will also add green onions to the top, and extra chips on the plate for crunchiness!

Very easy, very tasty recipe. The only change I made was to omit the chips from the baking process. I put them on the plate and put the casserole on top. Yummy!

I added Picante sauce to the refried beans which added a little zip and much easier to spread .

It would be nice if we could print some of your recipes rather than writing them down..

This is a quick and easy dinner. Before adding the cheese, i also ad a layer of Mexican rice. Makes it even more filling for a hungry group.