Recommended Cat Foods for Diabetic Cats

diabetic cat food

Diabetes in cats is as common as diabetes in humans. As a pet owner, you must take into account the quality of diet for pets with diabetes to avoid complications.

One of the many options to control blood glucose levels is diet and the choice for diabetic pets depends on their general health. It is very important to check the quality of the nutrients and the carbohydrate content in the diet of diabetic cats. These feed should be low in carbohydrates and high in protein. It has been proven that the low carbohydrate diet reduces the need for insulin in the body.

It is recommended that you consult and seek advice from a veterinarian before selecting food for diabetic cats. Also, you must consider the exercises that should be included when treating these pets.

Recommended Cat Food for Diabetic Cats

After the diagnosis, diabetic cats can only eat feed for animals with this condition. Unfortunately, they are more expensive than the rest of the meals found in any pet food store, and the brands are also more limited and difficult to find since they are only sold in specialized stores or online.

Hill’s Diet w/d Feline Low Fat-Gastrointestinal Health

This cat food has a formula rich in fiber and is useful as a nutritional support for pets with fibro-responsive diseases such as diabetes, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, and to help in the management of overweight cats.It also produces satiety and reduces appetite.

Hill’s Prescription Diet m/d Feline Glucose/Weight Management

This feed is recommended for diabetic cats that do not need to lose weight.
This type of food is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, which is needed to reduce body fat and control glucose levels in diabetic cats. It also has high levels of carnitine to help mobilize fat plus high levels of taurine to help maintain normal insulin levels, and high levels of arginine to support the secretion of insulin and antioxidants to control cellular oxidation.

Purina Veterinary Diets DM Dietetic Management Feline Formula

This is a high-in-protein and low-in-carbohydrates feed which helps maintain the appropriate insulin levels. It also contains vitamin E to reduce oxidative stress associated with diabetes, omega 3 and 6.It reduces the needs for insulin in diabetic cats and improves the control of glycemia. Purina dry food comes in 6lb bags and in 5.5 oz cans.

Royal Canin Diabetic Feline Food

Royal Canin feed strengthens the cat’s musculature, improves its urinary tract and allows it to metabolize food better. In addition, it prevents the overweight of the animal due to its high protein and low-fat contents, and it is enriched with L-carnitine, a fat burning component.

It is also effective for weight maintenance in cats after a weight loss program. Royal Canine diabetic feline food comes in 3 oz cans, 4.4lb and 5lb bags.



ROYAL CANIN Feline Glycobalance Food

This food offers a mixture of cereals with low glycemic index, in addition to the gelling action of mucilage psyllium that reduces postprandial hyperglycemia.

It also has a high protein content that helps reduce the net energy supply and also ensures a prolonged and progressive glucose supply.

It comes in 3oz cans and 4.4lb of dry food bags.


Hill’s Science Diet Adult Wet Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult is an advanced feed for adult cats aged 1 to 6 years who require fewer calories because they are less active, diabetics or prone to weight gain.

It contains essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as a high-quality protein that helps to maintain muscle mass and ideal body condition, L-Carnitine which converts fat into energy, a natural plant fiber that helps satisfy hunger between meals and fresh chicken.

Country Hunter Free Range Chicken Complete Cat Food

Made with raw ingredients cooked lightly steamed, this feed looks to keep all its nutritional properties intact. It is natural, healthy, balanced and provides all the nutrients and minerals that our pet needs, thereby making it suitable for diabetic cats.

Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food

Tiki Cat Gourmet is not a specialized food for diabetic cats but because of its low-fat content, veterinarians recommend a diet with this feed. It may have positive effects on blood glucose levels and the protein comes from several types of tuna.

BLUE Freedom Adult Indoor Grain Free

This is not a specialized food for diabetic cats either but helps to maintain the adequate level of glycemia in cats. It contains proteins with 45% metabolizable energy to assist in maintaining muscle mass. Besides, it does not contain carbohydrates, nor does it contain sugar, soy or artificial additives.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Natural Dry Cat Food

According to this brand or product label of this cat food, the composition of their feed does not have sugars, so it is perfectly acceptable for diabetic animals.

Also, cats with digestive sensitivity will tolerate this food very well because its composition directly strengthens the skin and hair, which are considered as a mirror of our pet’s health.