Oven roasted potatoes

Oven roasted potatoes



I love roasted potatoes because they’re so simple to prepare, and I think a side dish should be easy. This recipe is exactly that and full of flavor. Of course, I didn’t measure my seasonings, I just throw them in there until it looks right to me. I used a 6 large cloves of garlic, and I pressed them instead of mincing them, as far as garlic goes. I think pressing the garlic in a recipe like this gives it more garlic flavor. We love garlic, so more is always better! I served it alongside Meatloaf and some green beans.

Easy and delicious!

easy and Excellent. I made these with halved red fingerling potatoes and sprinkled grated Parmesan on them as soon as they came out of the oven. Perfect side dish to grilled pork chops! These will be making repeat performances in my kitchen!

Easy peezy and delicious! Will make this again!

I made these last week, as a side with kielbasa. For a final glaze, I tumbled them through the skillet I’d cooked the sausage in. Delicious!

These are really easy, and very tasty. It was a great side dish with asparagus and steak. Love it. I did use a cookie sheet to get them crispier.

Really tasty recipe! Very easy, a great side dish for oven baked entrees.

Very good recipe. Love roasted potatoes. Very easy to make. I had a pork loin and raosted potatoes went well with the meat.

What a great recipe! After reading the reviews, I decided to add some onions and mushrooms. outstanding! My husband and I devoured I and them can’t wait to make this recipe again!

Great flavor! ! i wanted them crispier so used a cookie sheet instead.