Corned beef and cabbage

Corned beef and cabbage



It was absolutely delicious. Will definitely make again. Thank you for the recipe.

Prepared this dish last St. Patrick’s Day and it was a big hit! The Corn Beef was literally falling apart and flavorful. I added a few extra herbs in the boil because being Puerto Rican it’s kinda a habit. I included red and green bellparsley and peppers, white onion, garlic and additional pepper and salt. I also used beef stock and beer instead of water. My husband usually doesn’t eat the Irish food served at the local pub but he ate and ate until there wasn’t anything left. He particularly loved the horseradish sauce, I didn’t make the mustard because I ran out of time. I’ve cooked this meal 5 times so far, and plan on making it our regular St. Patrick’s Day Dinner!

Excellent. I added 1 can of light beer. I did not make the mustard sauce, only the horseradish sauce. Very good.

This was my first time making a real corned beef and cabbage stew, and it was deeee-licious! I will use this recipe over and over. Next, time I’m going to try the horseraddish sauce with it.

Was easy to prepare and the taste was great. The carrots were a good addition to the potatoes and cabbage. I’d definitely recommend this dish. I didn’t make either of the sauces but will try these next time I make this.

I usually use my standard corned beef and cabbage recipe. Very simple, but very boring. This year I wanted to try something different. I found this recipe and it looked simple enough without shocking the family’s taste buds. I changed the water out for beer, which is what I always use in my corned beef/cabbage recipe anyway and figured it would add flavor that water just didnt. I gotta tell you, that corned beef didnt have a chance at the dinner table. There were NO leftovers. That horseradish sauce was divine! I was truly worried about it when I taste tested it out of the pot. My husband and I both made a little face and then agreed, “Well, we’ll try it on the side but it might be an acquired taste”. OMGoodness! That horseradish sauce made the whole meal. It elevated it to another level. I will definitely keep this recipe. Unfortunately, I was unable to try the mustard sauce. I though I had sour creme in the fridge but when I went to get it, I found that a family member had already plowed through and failed to add it to the grocery list. This dinner was so good, we are making it again tomorrow. This time I will add the mustard sauce so that we can try it with this ’round’. I had already purchased two corned beef with the intention of cooking the second one for open faced reuben sandwiches, which I might still do, but that sauce (I dreamt about it last night! It was that good! ) will definitely replace the thousand island dressing if I do. The corned beef was perfectly cooked as well as the veggies. My husband just kept complimenting me over and over as he shoveled more food into his mouth. This will now be our GO TO corned beef and cabbage dinner. Big hit, huge winner.

So excellent and easy. The beef was tender and the vegetables were just the right texture. I suppose a good part of the flavor can be attributed to the spice package that came with the corned beef. We just used plain horseradish that complimented the beef and vegetables well.

Big hit, even with the picky eaters! I am pleasantly surprised!

This Corned Beef Recipe was amazing. Best ever. rave reviews from everyone! I cook my cabbage about a half hour longer and before the potatoes and carrots, even though

Exactly how I’ve always made mine. I like a softer cabbage. I also add turnip or rutabaga. Delicious!