Collard greens recipe

Collard greens recipe



Here’s an idea to try.. Wash your collard thoroughly and take out stems. Chop and put into pot. Add wrer to about 3/4 of the way to top of greens. Add two tablespoons of beef bouillon and a medium coarsly chopped onion and turn on med heat and cover.. Now.. Make up some buttermilk cornbread and throw in over and cook some peas with snaps and fry up some hog jowl bacon and put about 1/8 cup in with collards and same with peas and snaps. Everything should be done with cornbread.. Break up a piece of cornbread in a bowl, add some peas with snaps without juice and the put collards on top with juice and crumble up some jowl bacon on top and you’ll have a new favorite. Will need some pepper but should be salty enough from bacon leavings. My personal favorite..

The recipe doesn’t specify, but I always remove the leafy part from the stem. Cooking the greens with the stem included makes them bitter. Because they have chopped the stems also, i never buy the greens already chopped and ready to cook.

I love it that’s talking about soul food . I know you talking my mother made hot water crackle cornbread Fried green tomatoes and banana pudding

Collard greens is one of my husbands favorite foods. Before but decided to give it a try when I saw this recipe, I’ve never made it. It was easy to make and my husband continues to rave and rant about how delicious it was. He claims that is was just as good if not better than his mother’s. quite the compliment! ! I used 3 tsp. of the pepper as my husband likes it hot! I might use just a little more next time!

Very tasty, good southern cooking!

Never doubt Grandma D This recipe is full of flavor. I went middle of the road on the red pepper flakes using 2 tsp. It was a favorite at my ‘southern’ pot luck!