Best lasagna recipe

Best lasagna recipe



I just finished making this recipe. I am sure it is going to be tasteful. Other than my normal tweaks there definitely needs to be more ricotta cheese mix. I didn’t have enough for the 3rd layer. Next time I will double the ricotta. I tasted the sauce and added more seasonings for my taste. You might want to do the same after using the basic measurements. Someone had posted 9 pieces weren’t enough. Based on that review I ended cooking 12. 3 are going to waste Cook only 9 unless you have an oversized pan.

A good recipe, but I made some changes. First, I couldn’t find my Basil or Fennel so I added about 4 Tbsp. of Italian seasoning instead. We like lots of garlic, so I doubled what was called for. Next, I don’t know about others, but I like my noodles to cover the sauce completely. Nine noodles doesn’t do that, so thank god I’d made the whole box. Finally, the recipe as is didn’t make enough of the cheese layer for me, so next time I’ll double it or mix Cottage Cheese in with it. I also used sliced Mozzarella instead of shred. Other than that, I made the sauces ahead and let them sit in the fridge overnight to let the flavors meld. My husband (who’s the cook in the family) said it was seasoned just right and he really liked it a lot. I will definitely be making this again.

Its a great recipe! Im not a creative person so I followed the recipe exactly. I do think it was a bit much sauce but next time I’ll just save it for spaghetti later on. My entire family loved it.

First recipe I wanted to rate. Was looking for a recipe for a family game night thought this would be great . It was not too heavy the sauce has no taste too much meat. I’ve made the recipe on noodle box for years and so much better if your looking for a recipe to add to your books this is not it .

My boyfriend found this recipe and now it’s a go to at our house! We have made it multiple times. We do a few modifications: we only use one can of the crushed tomatoes (we skip the 2nd 15 oz can), we use extra basil and add 3/4 teaspoon of ground cayenne, we double the ricotta cheese mixture (and add a little basil to it as well), and lastly we add more parmasean cheese! It turns out to be, quite literally, the best lasagna EVER! We have also used the sauce wirh a few modifications: a can of diced tomatoes, additional spices, mushrooms, and peppers to make a spaghetti sauce! Rave reviews! I wish I could put 20 stars! Thanks for sharing.

Really wonderful lasagna. Better than some of the restaurant offerings I’ve had. Served it at a super bowl dinner with rave results!

I did change a few things as I was taught a different way to do spices in Italian dishes when I lived in Europe. I browned the meat and set in a colander to drain well. While cooking and drawing the meat heat 1tbs O.O to a large pot on med high, add spices and cook till aromatic, about 1min. Addonion and garlic, and bell pepper (which I added), cook till soft. Add mushrooms and cook till liquid has been released and slightly reduced. Then add yourtomatoes and salt, and sugar. Simmer for 15mins, add meat and simmer an additional 15mins. I also add the parmesan and garlic to the ricotta. The recipe is wonderful though, we just love the extra veggies.

I am an English chef with 30 years experience and this is the best lasagna i’ve ever tasted,followed the menu to the letter,my only comment would be that the cost of the ingredients is very high,but we pay a premium for cheeses here in Thailand.but after saying that i think the cost is worth it

I made a few adjustments, I used Italian seasoning, instead of using the spices in the recipe. Only did I use crushed tomatoes and tomato paste, I also used diced tomatoes, I also used a purple onion, and added a red pepper in the sauce. Otherwise I followed the recipe. It turned out Very Delicious. Will definitely make it again.