Banana pudding recipe

Banana pudding



I made this recipe it was delicious.! It was only my second time trying and I didn’t wonderful thanks for the help

My mom always made her delicious banana pudding with graham crackers. layering the crackers where this recipe is layering the wafers. Much better flavor to the pudding with the grahams! She also used the cook and serve boxed vanilla pudding. As you know we like to follow our moms. I’m 80 years old and still like my moms recipes. : )

I made this Banana Pudding without any changes and it was creamy and delicious! Thank you for sharing yourrecipe and Stephanie, and thank you to your son, Lance Corporal Eric Harris, for his service to our country.

This recipe is garbage. If you bring the pudding to a boil, as instructed *twice*, it will separate. I followed this recipe before looking at recipes posted by real chefs and, as should have been expected, the pudding separated. Total waste of time – threw away.

I made my own personal dish of this and it was AMAZINGGGGG. No one eats banana pudding but me and its great to have a recipe to go to when I cant get to a store.

Classic Southern recipe for a much beloved dish that has 1 ingredient missing from most found today. The LOVE of a lady that takes the time to make the Vanilla Pudding from scratch instead of a box. Your son is a very lucky Devil Dog to have a Mom like you. Thank you from our Veterans and their families to both of you.

Great way to make a quick dessert with or without Bananas. Nice for parfaits too . I like to add 2 teaspoons of butter to the hot pudding when I take it off the heat. A keeper recipe to have on hand.

I made this for a church everyone and picnic loved it. I didn’t come home with any leftovers. Will make again, so easy and delicious.

I made this for a friends BBQ and people liked it better than the professionally baked banana cake

I made this today and it was amazing! Very easy and simple to make.