About This Site

This site aims to be source of high quality information on cat diabetes. The content writing team of this site consists of medical professionals (Luis S. is a MD, certified physician and a researcher. Saira B. has a doctorate in the field of Pharmacy). In addition to writing the content, they have reviewed much of each other’s content.

While an effort has been made to verify that the content is accurate and helpful, this site is not in any way responsbile for any treatment decisions that you or anyone may make for any diabetic pet. This site is not intended as a substitute for  veterinarian’s services. Each cat’s individual health circumstances may differ. Therefore, it is important that a veterinarian is consulted at appropriate stages of the process of diagnosing, treating and monitoring a cat’s diabetes.

How to Contact Us

  • We do not accept any requests to provide advise in diagnosing, treating or monitoring your cat’s diabetes. With these matters, please contact a veterinarian.
  • For business inquiries, please use this form.