May 2018

Crepe recipe

Crepes recipe

The perfect crepe recipe – SO easy to make and completely delicious! The best part about these crepes is they can be made right in your blender. Dessert too, although not only are they great for breakfast!

Crepes are one of my favorite things to enjoy for breakfast or brunch. They are really super easy, though they seem so fancy! We love making all types of crepes, like strawberry crepes, chocolate crepes, savory crepes and more.

Easy crepes

This is in my opinion the best crepe recipe ever! I’ve tried so many different crepe recipes over the years and have finally created the perfect one. The batter allows you to get the thin crepe without them breaking. Crepes are great for breakfast or dessert (sometimes we’ll even do them for dinner)!

You can make them sweet and add delicious crepe fillings like berries, cream and powdered sugar. You can even make sweet variations like chocolate crepes. Or you can make them savory too. One of our favorites is adding scrambled eggs and bacon inside. YUM! The ingredients are pantry and fridge staples that you likely have at home. That’s

Crepe ingredients

What I love about crepes. Nothing fancy needed to make this easy crepe recipe! Just the basics. : )

How to make crepes

Crepes are super quick and easy to make. It takes less than a minute to make the batter and only a couple of minutes for them to cook. Just follow the simple steps below to get started. Scroll down for the printable crepe step and recipe-by-step video tutorial.

In a blender, combine the milk, flour, eggs, vanilla, sugar, butter and salt. Mix until batter is smooth (about 15-20 seconds). Refrigerate batter for at least 30 minutes. Alternatively, overnight.

Spray non-stick cooking spray onto an 8-inch frying pan. Pour about 1/4 cup crepe batter into the pan and cook over medium-low heat. Turn pan immediately from side to side to form an even circle. Cook for about 1-2 minutes per side. Alternatively, until crepes are lightly browned.

Here’s a video if you want to see how to flip the crepes (skip to the middle).

Remove from heat and stack crepes until ready to serve. Add your favorite crepe fillings and enjoy! You can customize them with all your favorite toppings and go savory or sweet. That is

Crepe fillings

The best thing about crepes. My favorite way to eat crepes is with a little berries, bananas and nutella! Oh and can’t forget the whipped cream on top!

Ways to fold crepes:

Fold in half: This is an easy option for beginners! Simply fold the crepe in half, similar to folding an omelette. To add fillings, you can either add before folding the crepe in half or add on top of your folded crepe.

Make triangles: I love how elegant this looks! Gently fold the crepe in half, then fold in half again. Stack the folded crepes on top of each other to serve. Fillings can be added before folding or on top of crepe stack.

Roll the crepes: This is a fun way to sneak extra crepe filling inside. : ) Before rolling, add the filling evenly on top of crepe, leaving about 1/4 inch from the edges. Then fold one side over the filling towards the middle. Fold the other side all the way over the already folded side to make the shape of a burrito. Feel free to add extra toppings to your crepes once they’re rolled.

Keep warm, storage and freezing tips

To keep warm: You can keep your cooked crepes warm by placing them on a baking sheet in the oven at 175°F until ready to serve.

Leftovers: Add cooked crepes to a zip top bag and layer parchment or wax paper in between each crepe. Place in fridge until ready to enjoy.

To freeze: Crepes surprisingly freeze really well, so feel free to double the batch and stick half in the freezer for about 1-2 months.

Reheating: Heat in microwave or skillet until warm. If you prefer, you can also enjoy your crepes cold!

Creme brulee recipe

Creme brulee

Is quick and easy to make, although

This incredible crme brle recipe looks fancy! This dessert has creamy custard filling and a caramelized sugar topping. Top these creme brulees with fresh berries and for a delicious show-stopping dessert.

These creme brulees are the perfect make-ahead dessert. You can prepare the custard days in advance, store them in the fridge, and torch the tops with sugar just before serving! These brulees are adapted from a restaurant I used to work at where they served them alongside jam thumbprint cookies and a medley of berries. Below I’ll share the process for making these and my best tips. You can also view the entire process in the video below. Enjoy!

Crme Brle

The first “real job” I had was working at a restaurant near my home. I ended up working there for 7 and 1/2 years — all through high right and school up until I graduated college. A lot of the employees were there just as long (or longer) than me and I made so many great friends.

One particular friend — the restaurant’s pastry chef. He made a lot of the desserts and most of the breads we served at the restaurant. One of the nicest guys ever and a through and through foodie. I often worked Saturday mornings and would go a little early to chat with him about all things pastry and bread making. He’d share his secrets and I’d listen in complete captivation.

One particular Saturday morning I asked him about his famous crme brle. I was obsessed with his crme brle and anytime I could get a dessert for free (I was always to cheap to shell out the $7-8 for one) I’d get that crme brle. He practically laughed at me when I begged for the secrets to the crme brle because he admitted it to be the easiest dessert he made. I couldn’t believe that dessert was simple to make!

But he is right! Crme brle is not an overly tricky dessert to make! Hands on time is pretty minimal relatively speaking to dessert making, although it takes a lot of patience in waiting for it to be ready. It also requires few ingredients – 5 ingredients to be exact. So, let’s break down the ever elusive crme brle and learn how to make it!

How do you make crme brle?

  • Make the custard filling: the custard filling is two parts. First, you’ll beat egg yolks and vanilla bean seeds with sugar. I like to use organic eggs for crme brles. Since the yolks are what give color to the crme brles you’ll want really pretty yellow yolks (which I’ve found come from organic eggs). The other part of the filling is the heavy cream mixture. I add some flaky sea salt and the pod of a vanilla bean to the simmering heavy cream mixture. This crme brle recipe calls for a full vanilla bean and you’ll use both parts of it — the seeds and the pod (which still has plenty of flavor). I definitely prefer using a vanilla bean in this recipe because it adds the pretty black specks (which are the vanilla beans) and an incredible flavor. If you can’t get a vanilla bean, you can use pure vanilla extract.
  • Bake the custard filling: You’ll combine the heavy cream mixture and egg mixture by tempering the eggs. Once combined you’re ready to pour this mixture into the ramekins. The pan surrounding the ramekins is filled with boiling water and baked for 30-35 minutes or until the centers slightly jiggle.
  • Chill the crme brles. Once baked, you’ll chill the crme brles for 3-4 hours. (The hardest part of making these! ) And once they’ve been sufficiently chilled, it’s time for the fun part! Add some superfine sugar (which caramelizes better) to the tops of your custards and torch the with a kitchen torch!
  • Can you make crme brle without a torch?

    Yes! While I prefer crme brles to be caramelized with a kitchen torch, they will work in the oven! You’ll want to move your oven rack to the top heat and position the oven to a high broil. Once the oven is heated, add the custards topped with superfine sugar to a tray. Place the tray on that top shelf and watch carefully as they broil. It only takes 1-3 minutes so watch closely to avoid burned crme brles.

    What is crme brle served in?

    Creme brle is served in ramekins. A ramekin is a small glazed glass or ceramic bowl used for cooking individual dishes.

    Creme brulee

    Creme brulee

    Our professional tips will help you to create this crunchy and custardy delight

    Nutrition and extra info


    One of the most widely used ingredients, milk is often referred to as a complete food. While cow…

  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 5 large egg yolks
  • 50g golden caster sugar, plus extra for the topping
  • Heat the oven to 180C/ 160C fan/ gas 4. Sit four 175ml ramekins in a deep roasting tin at least 7.5cm deep (or a large deep cake tin), one that will enable a baking tray to sit well above the ramekins when laid across the top of the tin.

    Pour the large and small cartons of double cream into a medium pan with 100ml full-fat milk.

    Lay 1 vanilla pod on a slice and board lengthways through the middle with a sharp knife to split it in two. Use the tip of the knife to scrape out all the tiny seeds into the cream mixture. Drop the vanilla pod in as well, and set aside.

    Put 5 large egg 50g and yolks golden caster sugar in a mixing bowl and whisk for 1 min with an electric hand whisk until paler in colour and a bit fluffy.

    Put the pan with the cream on a medium heat and bring almost to the boil. Take the pan off the heat, as soon as you see bubbles appear round the edge.

    Pour the hot cream into the beaten egg yolks, stirring with a wire whisk as you do so, and scraping out the seeds from the pan.

    Set a fine sieve over a large wide jug or bowl and pour the hot mixture through to strain it, encouraging any stray vanilla seeds through at the end.

    Using a big spoon, scoop off all the pale foam that is sitting on the top of the liquid (this will be several spoonfuls) and discard. Give the mixture a stir.

    Pour in enough hot water (from the tap) into the roasting tin to come about 1.5cm up the sides of the ramekins. Pour the hot cream into the ramekins so you fill them up right to the top – it’s easier to spoon in the last little bit. Not the whole tin, leaving a small gap at one side to allow air to circulate, although

    Put them in the oven and lay a baking sheet over the top of the tin so it sits well above the ramekins and completely covers them.

    Bake for 30-35 mins until the mixture is softly set. To check, gently sway the roasting tin and if the crme brles are ready, they will wobble a bit like a jelly in the middle. Don’t let them get too firm.

    Lift the ramekins out of the roasting tin with oven gloves and set them on a wire rack to cool for a couple of mins only, then put in the fridge to cool completely. This can be done overnight without affecting the texture.

    When ready to serve, wipe round the top edge of the dishes, sprinkle 1 tsp of caster sugar over each ramekin and spread it out with the back of a spoon to completely cover.

    Spray with a little water using a fine spray (the sort you buy in a craft shop) to just dampen the sugar – then use a blow torch to caramelise it. Hold the flame just above the sugar and keep moving it round and round until caramelised. Serve when the brle is firm. Alternatively, within an hour or two.

    Corned beef and cabbage

    Corned beef and cabbage



    It was absolutely delicious. Will definitely make again. Thank you for the recipe.

    Prepared this dish last St. Patrick’s Day and it was a big hit! The Corn Beef was literally falling apart and flavorful. I added a few extra herbs in the boil because being Puerto Rican it’s kinda a habit. I included red and green bellparsley and peppers, white onion, garlic and additional pepper and salt. I also used beef stock and beer instead of water. My husband usually doesn’t eat the Irish food served at the local pub but he ate and ate until there wasn’t anything left. He particularly loved the horseradish sauce, I didn’t make the mustard because I ran out of time. I’ve cooked this meal 5 times so far, and plan on making it our regular St. Patrick’s Day Dinner!

    Excellent. I added 1 can of light beer. I did not make the mustard sauce, only the horseradish sauce. Very good.

    This was my first time making a real corned beef and cabbage stew, and it was deeee-licious! I will use this recipe over and over. Next, time I’m going to try the horseraddish sauce with it.

    Was easy to prepare and the taste was great. The carrots were a good addition to the potatoes and cabbage. I’d definitely recommend this dish. I didn’t make either of the sauces but will try these next time I make this.

    I usually use my standard corned beef and cabbage recipe. Very simple, but very boring. This year I wanted to try something different. I found this recipe and it looked simple enough without shocking the family’s taste buds. I changed the water out for beer, which is what I always use in my corned beef/cabbage recipe anyway and figured it would add flavor that water just didnt. I gotta tell you, that corned beef didnt have a chance at the dinner table. There were NO leftovers. That horseradish sauce was divine! I was truly worried about it when I taste tested it out of the pot. My husband and I both made a little face and then agreed, “Well, we’ll try it on the side but it might be an acquired taste”. OMGoodness! That horseradish sauce made the whole meal. It elevated it to another level. I will definitely keep this recipe. Unfortunately, I was unable to try the mustard sauce. I though I had sour creme in the fridge but when I went to get it, I found that a family member had already plowed through and failed to add it to the grocery list. This dinner was so good, we are making it again tomorrow. This time I will add the mustard sauce so that we can try it with this ’round’. I had already purchased two corned beef with the intention of cooking the second one for open faced reuben sandwiches, which I might still do, but that sauce (I dreamt about it last night! It was that good! ) will definitely replace the thousand island dressing if I do. The corned beef was perfectly cooked as well as the veggies. My husband just kept complimenting me over and over as he shoveled more food into his mouth. This will now be our GO TO corned beef and cabbage dinner. Big hit, huge winner.

    So excellent and easy. The beef was tender and the vegetables were just the right texture. I suppose a good part of the flavor can be attributed to the spice package that came with the corned beef. We just used plain horseradish that complimented the beef and vegetables well.

    Big hit, even with the picky eaters! I am pleasantly surprised!

    This Corned Beef Recipe was amazing. Best ever. rave reviews from everyone! I cook my cabbage about a half hour longer and before the potatoes and carrots, even though

    Exactly how I’ve always made mine. I like a softer cabbage. I also add turnip or rutabaga. Delicious!